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The Indian pharmaceutical market size is expected to grow to US$ 100 billion by 2025, driven by increasing consumer spending, rapid urbanization, and raising healthcare insurance among others.To meet demands of changing dynamics of the market, pharmaceutical marketers have to explore and exploit digital technology to communicate with customers.


Our Clients

Customer data enrichment project

Creating India’s first integrated platform for stressed assets.

Business Intelligence platform on cloud using Open Source Technology

 Med-Guide for Medical Practitioners

‘Digitization’ is the buzz word around which many discussions, debates occur on the social media and within internal managerial meetings.

With so many tools, platforms and data sets available to promote brands, marketers are faced with important questions.

  • Which digital tools are best suited for my therapy area?
  • What are the cost implications and how is ROI measured for these digital tools?
  • Which are the best in the class tools, and can they be customized or built for my brands?
  • How do I create and refine my customer segments continuously after deploying the digital tools?
  • Which digital tools are best suited for individual customer segments?

For the technology support team, the questions faced are humongous:

  • With disparate data sources and of different grains, non-standardized tool technologies, how to build a robust infrastructure to meet demands of all upstream and downstream systems?
  • How should the system design be, that will support most of the business processes?
  • Per the enterprise architecture, which technologies within the commercial ecosystem are the best fits?
  • Which technology partner can provide deep domain and technology expertise to create, execute transformation programs within the allocated business and IT budgets?
  • How do I ensure the data privacy and data security be maintained by vendors?


White Paper – ‘Customer Segmentation – A strong foundation to achieve commercial excellence’
Infocision supports your endeavor to close all the gaps between the business and IT support functions to build successful digital campaigns. We will be leveraging open source platforms to develop the commercial ecosystem, which can be hosted within your firewall or on cloud.

Customer data enrichment project

The objective of the project was to listen to customer’s social media and enrich the customer data with additional attributes.

 The client provided with available customer demographic data. Infocision used web-scrapping methodology to scan available data from the public domain like, Youtube, Twitter, websites, scientific journals to populate additional attributes.

Benefit to our client: The client benefited by using additional attributes which were used to create more granular customer segmentation profiles and thus sharpen customer centric promotion.


Creating India’s first integrated platform for stressed assets.

Infocision has created an integrated tech platform for this start-up company, which would enable Lenders, Borrowers and Investors to come together and explore various opportunities in accordance with their requirements.

This has reduced the transaction time by 1/10th with seamless information flow, enabling quick decision making; the platform provides absolute transparency and easy access to the all stakeholders, resulting in faster solution and liquidity.

With its highly secured network, platform provides transaction specific virtual and secured data-room for accessing and analyzing the data on the move. Infocision has created the platform from the scratch and added many features like SMS, e-mail, payment gateways to make it user friendly. We have also included advanced features like OTP generation, NDA authorization, e-signature API integration etc to make it a complete package for the start-up.

Benefit to our client: The client was able to reach all of its customers (Banks, HNI investors, stressed asset owners) on a single platform during the COVID lockdown thereby helping business continuity.


Business Intelligence platform on cloud using Open Source Technology

The project revolves around the provision of insights to business KPI in the sales, marketing and logistics department of pharmaceutical commercialization. Infocision has used cutting edge open source technologies like Python and flask framework to create dashboards, graphs. We have successfully integrated it in to html thus providing web interface for access. 

From front-line managers to the CEO, each stakeholder is able to look at KPIs related to primary sales, secondary sales, customer business, marketing campaign effectiveness, customer spending compliance etc. for his own self and for his subordinates.  The dashboards / graphs gets updated every once the fresh data is uploaded. This has enabled the leadership teams to take fast decisions on the go.

Benefit to our client: The entire BI system is hosted onto the cloud platform thereby greatly reducing infrastructure costs. By developing backend, database and frontend UI in open source technology, we have been able to drastically cut the BI ownership and license costs, thus making BI accessible to the entire field force. 

 Med-Guide for Medical Practitioners

The mobile application on android platform is designed for Medical Practitioners (non-allopathy), Nursing staff and fresh medical graduates to have a ready reckoner when prescribing allopathy drugs. 

The application is easy download and use. We have included more than 1600 single and fixed dose medications that can be browsed. The pharmacology details of drug include indications, dosage calculations, side effects, boxed precautions and dose adjustments.

Benefits to client: The mobile application can be used as a promotional tool by pharmaceutical companies on subscription bases for desired time frame. It is a low cost input for their customers.